2023 North American Conference

Registration is now open for IAP2 North American Conference, September 13-15, 2023 at the Sheraton Grand, Seattle Washington. 

This year’s theme of “Partnering for Possibility” reflects a critical moment in time, as we are actively recovering from a multi-year pandemic and adapting our approaches to public engagement in the context of racial reckoning and reconciliation. 

The IAP2 North American Conference is the top industry event for P2 practitioners in the US and Canada. Conference attendees are diverse, welcoming, and inclusive of participants and presenters from a wide range of backgrounds.

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    Good People

    The 2021 IAP2 USA Greater Good Emerging Leader Award winner is Jensen Morgan, Sr environmental sustainability specialist for the City of Fort Collins, CO. Jensen's high level of passion, professionalism, and expertise for P2 will impact on climate action across all scales.

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    Building a better world takes tenacity, skill, experience, wisdom, and compassion. Make sure that you're striking out into the world with the tools you need to be successful! 

    To build a good practice takes time and tools. Join colleagues for IAP2 USA's popular online training. New courses are being added regularly. 

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    Upcoming Events

    Stakeholder Mapping: Identifying and Analyzing Underrepresented Stakeholders

    Trainer: Anne Carroll

    June 28, 2023

    11:00 am - 3:30 pm Eastern

    This course introduces a powerful, transparent process to identify and analyze key stakeholders for any engagement project – a critical step in an ethical and equity-centered engagement design. After understanding the theory and purpose, participants use short cases to practice stakeholder mapping. They learn how to identify and analyze the full spectrum of stakeholders, with special emphasis on underrepresented stakeholders who need additional outreach/support to ensure inclusive engagement. For each case, the group learns how to “clean” and finalize the map, and then discusses implementation challenges and how to overcome them.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Challenge: Design and implement equity-centered engagement processes for increasingly diverse communities 
    • Critical to success: Robust and comprehensive stakeholder identification and analysis (“stakeholder mapping”)
    • Course combines theory, practice, instructions, templates
    • Participants leave ready to conduct thorough, defensible stakeholder mapping that identifies underrepresented stakeholders, and use the results to plan and successfully implement inclusive engagement 

      Participants receive:

      • Detailed stakeholder mapping instructions 
      • Stakeholder mapping templates and examples 
      • Complete course content and notetaking document

              IAP2's Global Certificate in Public Participation

              This listing is for all three of our new Flagship Courses based on IAP2's internationally recognized Global Learning Pathway.

              Each course builds on the previous one and completion of this package results in IAP2's Global Certificate in Public Participation.

              This professional development program builds on the Foundations of Public Participation training and best practices from around the globe to provide participants with approximately 40 hours of effective training in public participation and engagement. 

              Our flagship training program consists of three core courses:

              1. Fundamentals of Public Participation
              2. Designing & Leading Public Participation
              3. Applying Methods For Public Participation

              Professional Certification/Credits

              #1 Fundamentals of Public Participation (2 - 4 hour sessions CM I 8 CM

                June 6 & 7      1 PM – 5 PM ET

                #2 Designing Public Participation (4 - 4 hour sessions CM I 20 CM

                  July 24, 25, 26, 27        1 PM – 5 PM ET

                  #3 Applying Methods for Public Participation (4 - 4 hour sessions CM I 20 CM) 

                    August 21, 22, 23, 24    1 PM – 5 PM ET


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                    COVID-19 And The Impact On P2

                    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the public participation practice in a big way. Over the past several months, Stéphanie Yates, PhD, and Hugo Mimee, CP3, have looked into the ways P2 has had to adapt.

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                    COVID-19 & P2 - IAP2 USA is here for you!

                    COVID-19, P2 and Managing With The “New Reality”

                    We know that your lives are being turned upside down. Plans that you have made are changing and it seems that every time you turn around there is something new being said. Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement! We're here to help.

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