IAP2 Licensed Elective Courses

We are very excited to be launching the next evolution of training that builds on our foundational best practices. In addition to the three core courses that make up the IAP2 Global Certificate in Public Participation we have added three electives courses to the Global Learning Pathway. Visit our training calendar to register for updated course offerings.

As a key leader in the public participation sector IAP2 USA provides skills-based learning to people and organizations on what they need to know and do, so that they can successfully develop, deliver, and lead authentic engagement processes.

The prerequisite for these courses is Fundamentals of Public Participation or the Foundations of P2 courses. 

IAP2 Understanding Conflict in Public Participation

The aim of Understanding Conflict in P2/engagement is to help you understand, and more effectively manage, conflict dynamics. The focus of this Level 1 course will be on developing the skills of participants to identify and mitigate situations of tension and conflict within their P2/engagement work.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the sources, types and factors that contribute to conflict in P2/engagement and the impact they may have on the process

  • Understand the role of power and influence in engagement practice

  • Understand and identify the cycle of escalation, and the behaviors, attitudes and actions that are evident as conflict increases

  • Contribute to and/or apply strategies to de-escalate challenging situations

  • Identify how to build effective relationships and partnerships through empathy, active listening, respect and trust

  • Learn approaches to work in challenging situations applying behaviors that build trust and credibility

  • Consider the role of integrity and ethics in the conduct of the P2/engagement practitioner, and how that is upheld in the process

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