Danita Akendengue-Ogandaga

Senior Public Involvement Specialist, Burns & McDonnell

Danita Akendengue-Ogandaga's public participation began with community organizing on the streets of Kinston, NC since age seven: Marching for justice when she did not even know how to verbalize her name; Learning the importance of connecting yourself to vision with understanding of policy to indeed gain strength to march; Serving in case management for food pantries to economic development organizations using art as a catalyst to assist neighborhood groups to activate their will through technical assistance ultimately giving voice to root shock and disinvestment; Teaching at Carlow University’s School of Social Work before moving to Atlanta serving as a Public Information Manager and Grants Specialist from transportation to engineering design projects to managing a group of twenty six organizations dispatched throughout the City to create awareness for capital projects.

She now serves as a Consultant with Burns and McDonnell working to create awareness for energy equity on the Grid Investment Program on behalf of Georgia Power.

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