Danita Akendengue-Ogandaga IAP2 USA Secretary

Senior Public Involvement Specialist, Burns & McDonnell

Danita Akendengue-Ogandaga is a Senior Public Involvement Specialist at Burns & McDonnell, bringing more than 18 years of experience developing and executing strategic communications in outreach programs. She is an experienced and passionate strategist working with real estate, communications, project management, engineering, and construction teams on large-scale construction projects. Danita served as Internal Engagement Coordinator for Georgia Power’s Grid Investment Plan, a multi-year initiative to improve the state’s worst performing circuits. In that role, she assisted the efforts of the Technical Field Services Group as project controls liaison managing the scheduling and distribution of stakeholder engagement touchpoints via digital and print communications through the project life cycle, developing and improving processes for engagement activities, and conceptualizing and directing the work of graphic design efforts. 

Danita contributes to the Stakeholder Management Services team by creating thought leadership articles, developing content and presenting at symposiums, developing trainings for the resource library, serving on the Environmental Justice Committee and a Board Member of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). 

Danita can be contacted at dogandaga@burnsmcd.com.

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