Greater Good Award

2024 - Recognizing individual excellence in pursuing the greater good.

The Greater Good Award is presented each year by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) USA to recognize excellence achieved by individuals in the field of public participation in the United States. Their hard work ensures the people have a voice in things that affect them is often unsung.

Candidate(s) may be nominated by any IAP2 USA Member, Chapter or Committee. Nominees do not need to be a practitioner nor a member of IAP2 or its affiliates. All that is required is the nominee has illustrated outstanding leadership, service, and application of the IAP2 Core Values in the field of public participation. The selection of the honorees is made by the IAP2 USA President, and awards will be given at the North American Conference. each year. 

Nominations open June 18, 2024 and close July 31, 2024 Download a nomination packet. 

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2023 Greater Good Award Winner: Doug Sarno

This year Doug Sarno has been selected to receive the Greater Good Award. 

The contributions he has made to IAP2 are many. He served as the Executive Director for IAP2 from 1996 to 2001. He was one of three course developers when IAP2 developed its first training program starting in 1999 and moved on to serve as a Master Trainer beginning in 2005. He delivered that training to hundreds of people over the next 22 years. He has served as a judge for IAP2’s Core Values Award program for over twenty years. Doug regularly brings together diverse groups to discuss controversial subjects, make consensus recommendations, and establish effective teams.

He has designed, managed, and facilitated well over 1,000 meetings, more than twenty long-term stakeholder advisory boards, and 10 national stakeholder forums. His project successes provide lived experience in the value of engaging the public in decision-making for everyone lucky enough to participate. Doug Sarno truly represents the values behind the IAP2 Greater Good Award. He professionalism to the industry and service to IAP2 makes him most deserving of this award. 

2021 Greater Good Award Winner: Maureen Tobin

Recently appointed as Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership in Malibu, Maureen served the City of Morgan Hill, California and was involved in projects and initiatives that improved the quality of life in Morgan Hill and community access to local government, including playing a vital role in the early success of the Centennial Recreation Center (CRC) During that time, community access was significantly improved through the Community Use Policy and enabled local non-profits to utilize the facility 

Over the last year, Maureen has spent significant time and effort keeping the community informed about COVID-19 and the related stay-at-home orders, testing, and vaccination updates. She served as Morgan Hill’s lead Public Information Officer during the SCU Lightning Complex Fire and supported the Morgan Hill Police Department during multiple protests. Maureen is a strong supporter of IAP2 and the Greater LA Chapter. 

Congratulations and well deserved Maureen.

2020 Greater Good Award Winner: Wendy Green Lowe

Wendy has made many contributions to the field of public participation and to IAP2 devoting  thousands of volunteer hours to IAP2 during her nearly 30 years as a member. Serving on both the US and International Boards, she currently heads the Professional Certification Task Force. Wendy was instrumental in the formation of the Intermountain Chapter of IAP2 in 1995 and has served as the Chapter Treasurer since its inception.  

Wendy co-developed the Techniques module of the IAP2 Foundations Course.  She is a highly regarded trainer, praised for her thoroughness, commitment and genuine care for the students and the subject matter.  Wendy has served as a mentor to many P2 professionals, both formally and informally.  She models each of the IAP2 Core Values in every P2 process.

Wendy’s many contributions to the organization and this profession exemplify the purpose and intent of the Greater Good Award and she is truly deserving. Congratulations Wendy. Wendy owns her own business,  P2 Solutions, and is a partner in The Participation Company

2019 Greater Good Award Dan Adams

Greater Good Award Winner - Dan Adams

This year’s Greater Good Award Winner Dan Adams is with the The Langdon Group of Idaho. Dan, based in Utah, was nominated for this award because of his many outstanding qualities as an innovator and collaborator. Dan focuses on engagement by encouraging his staff to visit and build relationships with stakeholders. He has brought IAP2 and its core values into his work ethic and team. His emphasis on helping people see other points of view by blending the disciplines of alternative dispute resolution and public participation has made a genuine difference. His effort and dedication makes him well deserving of this recognition.

2019 Greater Good Award Amelia Shaw

Greater Good Award Winner - Amelia Shaw

The Greater Good Award recognizes excellence by those in the field of public participation. No one exemplifies this excellence better than Amelia Shaw who retired as IAP2 USA Executive Manager on October 4. A P2 trainer and professional, she served the IAP2 USA as executive manager for seven years expanding it from a fledgling start up to a well-run, energized and growing organization with a part time staff of five and membership of more than 1,700. Amelia wore many hats taking on any role needed to support the membership and the association. She deserves our appreciation for her dedication to the organization, her devotion to the principles of public participation and the long hours she unselfishly committed to ensuring the success and continued growth of IAP2 USA.

2018 Greater Good Award Certification Task Force

This dedicated group of P2 practitioners and IAP2 leaders have spent the last 6 years developing a professional certification program from the ground up.

This group of individuals collected international practitioner responses to help determine the essential capabilities a P2 professional should have to effectively design, implement, and evaluate public participation programs to develop an assessment program to test and verify that applicants have these core competencies. Meet the Certification Task Force Members (above right to left):

  • Wendy Lowe
  • Amelia Shaw (honorary award for support and coordination in the creation of this program)
  • Tina Geiselbrecht
  • Cassandra Hemphill
  • Debra Duerr
  • Ken Smith
  • Brenda Pichette (not in photo)

Past Winners

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