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The Greater Good   - Emerging Leader Award

The Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award has been created in recognition of emerging leadership. This award is for people who are under 35 and/or have fewer than five years in the practice and are making a new impact on the public participation profession. The selection of the honorees is made by the IAP2 USA President, and awards are given at the IAP2 North American Conference.

Nominations open April 21, 2023 and close June 30, 2023 Download a nomination packet. 

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2022 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

Nehama Rogozen is a strong believer in community engagement, grassroots organizing and effective communication. She has been working at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for the past 3.5 years, first on the Muni Customer Service team, where she helped problem-solve issues of access for Muni customers, and now as a Public Relations Officer for the Public Outreach and Engagement Team (POETS). 

Much of Nehama’s work involves building trust with the public and listening deeply to understand and address their concerns. As part of the POETS team, Nehama has worked on major corridors, transit communications, parking and curb management, business outreach and construction mitigation, incorporating public participation principles into all of her work. Her work, resulted in citywide approaches and partnerships to support business communities through an economic justice lens and a public participation lens.

Nehama has modeled ways in which IAP2 Core Values can and should be part of infrastructure projects throughout all stages of the project, and especially at the end of projects as IAP2 Core Value 7 emphasizes. 

Nehama Rogozen

Public Relations Officer at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

Jensen Morgan

Sr. Environmental Sustainability Specialist, City of Fort Collins, Colorado

2021 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

2021 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

Jensen is the Sr. environmental sustainability specialist for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. While managing climate action and community engagement, Jensen has created public participation initiatives for a new planning process called Our Climate Future, the City’s first planning process to center climate work in equity, leading with race, while folding in historically underrepresented groups and technical expertise as it relates to data analytics, research and public outreach. 

Jensen has displayed a high level of passion, professionalism, and technical expertise for public participation and Jensen’s work will have a big impact on climate action across all scales: locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Jensen is truly an emerging leader. 

2020 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

2020 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

Ryan switched his focus to the field of public participation about three years ago and has distinguished himself in a short time not only as an invaluable member of the City of Boulder’s engagement team but as a go-to resource to others, especially in the area of inclusive engagement.

Ryan models the values, principles and ethics of IAP2 as he assisted with the implementation of the city’s Engagement Strategic Framework. He is an incredible ambassador for our profession and for our association and has recently served on IAP2 USA’s Training and Professional Development committee.

Ryan is the face of the up-and-coming generation of our field. He stays true to all the public participation principles we hold dear while also managing to be relevant and flexible to meet emerging needs. stepping into a leadership role in public participation via Zoom and coaching others to feel comfortable in a very different world.

Ryan Hanschen - 2020 IAp2 USA Greater Good Emerging Leader Winner

Ryan Hanschen

Engagement Specialist

City of Boulder

Isis Lopez - 2019 IAp2 USA Greater Good Emerging Leader Winner

2019 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

The 2019 Greater Good / Emerging Leader Award was presented to Isis Lopez, lead of the Community Engagement Team with the Austin, Texas, Code Department. The Code Department is responsible for educating, collaborating and partnering with neighborhoods, local businesses, non-profits, and other City of Austin departments, and Isis incorporates IAP2’s Core Values into her daily work. Having taken the IAP2 Foundations training, she puts to work innovative and sustainable tools and solutions that will provide a lasting and positive impact. As the department’s only Language Access Coordinator, Isis has become a dedicated advocate and champion for diversity and inclusion.

2018 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

A tireless champion of good communications and community engagement, in little more than 8 years, Francesca Patricolo has established a P2 student chapter at the University of Oregon, participated on the Cascade Chapter executive committee, established her own P2 consultancy, served on the IAP2 USA Board of Directors, served as USA representative to the IAP2 Federation and now serves as President of the Cascade Chapter. Francesca has also been passionate about helping young people become involved in the practice of P2 and advancing the cause of equity and diversity within P2.

Francesca Patricolo - 2018 IAp2 USA Greater Good Emerging Leader Winner

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