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The COVID-19 outbreak has created a "new reality" in many sectors, including public participation. Practitioners are wondering how to handle the situation and how to move forward.

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COVID-19 Webinars & Recordings

IAP2 USA Adaptive Technologies Webinar Series - 3/24/20

Our two webinars held on Tuesday, March 24 included experts in the field who addressed some of the following questions: 

    • What are some ideas or creative methods for continuing engagement without meeting face-to-face? 
    • What's "out there” in terms of social media, teleconferencing platforms, digital tools in general? When and how should we use them? 
    • What are some good experiences and what should we be careful about?
    • How do we address inclusion and lower barrier access for those with limited tech skills: what technologies require easy installation or none at all while supporting a variety of participation methods
    • Platforms and tools that support effective small group conversations and “break out” rooms or that can support moving from plenaries to group work 
    • Platforms that can include visual note-taking or collaboration (in ways that can be recorded for data collection) 
    • Facilitation tips and tools for effective online conversations


    Session 1

    Embracing Technology for P2

    Click here to watch the recording

    Download the PowerPoint slide deck (.pdf version) here

    This presentation tackles the question “should we be engaging and if so, when?”  The presenters also offered suggestions and key considerations for how to select from the many digital tools available to support all levels of participation across the IAP2 spectrum. The session closes with some ideas on how to best design and support interactive engagement taking place online. 


    Session Two

    Public Participation Technology in a Time of Social Distancing

    Click here to view the recording

    Download the PowerPoint slide deck (.pdf version) here

    This presentation shares key principles for digital engagement and explores today's engagement challenges and options for responses, including innovations by the Salt Lake City municipal engagement team. The critical consideration of the digital divide is explored, including some approaches to inclusive engagement. Finally, the presentation gives some guidance through the sharing of tools and tips for digital public participation.

    COVID-19, P2 and Managing with the “New Reality” 3/31/2020

    View the webinar recording here

    This webinar focuses on you and how you are adapting to the sudden changes and what others are doing. We’ll be considering such questions as:

    • How are people responding to this?
    • What do we do with our projects?
    • How do we cope?
    • How do we plan in areas like accessibility and inclusion?
    • Is any engagement that we are doing now valid?
    • What is the problem that we are trying to solve?
    • How do we reach the “seldom heard” and individuals with accessibility challenges?
    • How can we continue to motivate people to participate in the current context and until what point in the process?

    IAP2 Australasia Webinar

    Keep on Engaging: Tips for Adapting in the Days of COVID-19

    A recording will be available free for members on Tue, March 31.

    Q&A-style conversation with practical information on how you can keep engaging in the COVID-19 environment.

    • How to adapt your engagement plans and strategies to digital or other approaches
    • The role of engagers in connecting communities
    • Looking to positive innovations in crisis
    • Challenges of adapting to the digital space
    • How to work with people with heightened anxiety

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