February 2021 Newsletter

  From the Executive Manager's Desk - Gail Madziar

February Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

An effective strategic plan helps set priorities, focus energy and resources, and strengthen operations. It can also ensure that everyone is working toward common goals. 

Strategic planning can be defined as the process of establishing the direction or strategy of your organization and then making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue that direction. Effective strategic planning involves assessing both where you are and where you are going. It means setting measurable goals and outlining the action plans needed to reach them. In addition, it must provide opportunities to assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. 

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2021 Core Values Awards - Now Open for Submissions

IAP2 USA wants to recognize your achievements with our Core Values Awards. Apply for the 2021 IAP2 USA Awards

Being a Public Participation Practitioner is not for the faint of heart. It requires ingenuity, caring, and dedication. 

Ingenuity in how to engage a diversity of stakeholders and the public in complex and sometimes high-stakes and high-emotion projects, plans and processes.

Caring in providing a safe and inclusive space where there is an opportunity to hear from and engage all voices including stakeholders, the public, decision-makers and the internal team.

Dedication to your communities, the P2 practice, and the greater good while upholding the IAP2 Core Values and the Code of Ethics.

Each year, IAP2 Affiliates around the world celebrate excellence in the profession through the IAP2 Core Values Awards. The awards go to projects and organizations which best demonstrate IAP2's Core Values and help to raise the bar in the field of public engagement by sharing best practices and inspiring the P2 community to learn from one another. The Core Values Awards encourage new approaches and innovative uses of existing ones.

The IAP2 USA Greater Good Award recognizes excellence achieved by individuals in the field of public participation in the United States. These individuals have been pioneers in the field, and helped shape it to become what it is today.

The IAP2 USA Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award has been created in recognition of emerging leadership. This award is for people who are under 35 and/or have fewer than five years in the practice and are making a new impact on the public participation profession.

Share your inspiring projects. Show us you have created positive change, built trust, and engaged your local community in public participation. Core Value Awards applications are due May 7, 2021. 

Deadline May 7, 2021

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Get Involved with your Local Chapter - 2021 Call for Volunteers

All of IAP2 USA's regional Chapters have opened a Call for Volunteers for 2021! Take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in the local P2 community. If you're interested in growing personally or professionally while contributing to your organization, we have a place for you.

Books on Wheels Volunteer Orientation | Events | Pima County Public LibraryContact information is listed on each Chapter webpage.

The Orange County and Lonestar State Emerging Chapters are both seeking Board of Directors candidates. Please contact them if you are interested in running.

**Today is the last day to nominate yourself for a Midwest Chapter 2021 Board of Director's Position

The Cascade, Colorado, Intermountain, and Midwest, chapters in addition to the Sacramento Area, and SF/Oakland Emerging Chapters are seeking all other volunteers. 

Contact info@iap2usa.org with Questions

2021 North American Virtual Conference: Registration Opens Soon

Mark your calendar for September 13 - 16 for the 2021 Virtual North American Conference

Looking for the premier conference for P2 professionals? Whether you are looking for the latest techniques or hot topics; how to improve your productivity; ways to increase your earning potential or find opportunities to network with your colleagues, you’ll discover it at this year’s event. Early bird registration opens next month.

Webniar Recordings -  Available free to Members On-Demand

All of our past webinars are available to members who are logged into iap2usa.org. Just click here and you will be prompted to login when you go to the Webinar Archives.

February Webinars

 Re-Inventing Communications Approaches

What do a superhero, a pop-up bar, and a mural all have in common? These are just a few of the creative initiatives executed by the Philadelphia Water Department which aim to inspire environmental stewardship, drive infrastructure investments with public input, and build trust for tap water among its customers. Learn how this municipal water utility is becoming more approachable than ever. Thanks to campaigns informed by community research -- including art installation and Philly's protector of water quality, Water Woman -- residents have been engaged in conversations about water quality and sustainability in historically underserved neighborhoods and beyond.

You'll learn how to:

  • Develop creative solutions to interpreting science-based concepts across demographics

  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to shape public engagement campaigns

  • Integrate local art/talent to connect your message with diverse communities

IAP2 International Organization of the Year 

Does your organization have a culture of P2? Is consulting the public “first and throughout” part of its makeup? Do you want to learn ways of bringing that culture into your organization? It takes commitment, persistence and patience: the Nova Scotia Health Authority took five years to build that culture. But the work paid off, both with the culture of P2 and in being named 2020 IAP2 Organization of the Year for both Canada and Internationally.

View these and other webinars in our Webinar Archives

Featured Course - Pinpointing Your Participation: Stronger Assessments and Better Evaluation

Trainer: Doug Zenn 

 Two Sessions

March 15, 1:00-4:45 p.m. EDT

March 18, 1:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

Of all the tools in your Involvement toolbox, none are more important, and often overlooked, as much as assessment and evaluation. A strong assessment and continued evaluation will ensure that your participation program recognizes, and addresses stakeholder needs. This is particularly important on projects with high potential controversy, but can be used to improve any project. This class will strengthen your assessment skills and ensure that ongoing evaluations make your participation program adaptable and effective.

This two-session class—with scheduled small-group practice sessions (optional) — will provide the tools to customize your participation plans that reach all affected by decisions, not just the us
ual participants. It will assist you in building trust among your communities and elevate the issues most important to stakeholders into project discussions.


Upcoming Webinars

March 9 - IAP2 Learning Webinar: 2020 Core Values Award winners

The application period is about to open for the 2021 IAP2 Core Values Awards, so now is a good time to hear from and learn about the 2020 winners. Joining us this time will be:

  • Adrienne DeDona of JLA Public Involvement, winners of the USA award for "Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture" for "Reconnecting past and future: Community engagement shapes redevelopment in Portland's Historic Old Town Chinatown" 
  • Josh Fullan of Maximum City, winners of the IAP2 Canada award for "Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture" for the KidScore initiative.
  • Natalie Geddes from the City of Winnipeg, winners of the "Indigenous Engagement" Award for "Welcoming Winnipeg".
  • Fay Kramer of TransLink, winner of the Visual Engagement Award   

March 11 - Taster: Trauma Awareness and Self-Care

Does your organization have a culture of P2? Is consulting the public “first and throughout” part of its makeup? Do you want to learn ways of bringing that culture into your organization? It takes commitment, persistence and patience: the Nova Scotia Health Authority took five years to build that culture. But the work paid off, both with the culture of P2 and in being named 2020 IAP2 Organization of the Year for both Canada and Internationally.


March 16 - IAP2  NAC Encore Learning Webinar: Experience 5 Unusual Participation Techniques in 2 Hours

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Are you running out of constructive ways to bring people together in conversation?

  • Are you hearing from the same people over and over again and consistently struggling to hear from diverse voices?

  • Do you value strong relationships and building community engagement capacity?

In this special, 2-hour session, Anne Harding, Kim Hyshka and Hugo Mimee will reprise their highly popular presentation at the 2020 IAP2 North American Virtual Conference. You'll take part in a human lab, where you can fill your toolbox with at least FIVE new, innovative and effective public engagement techniques that will help you host better, powerful conversations, achieve objectives and create momentum positive change      


All Upcoming Webinars

2021 APPAM Fall Research Conference

The Power of Inclusion: Incorporating Diverse Voices in Public Policy Analysis and Management

November 11 - 13, 2021  | JW Marriott Austin |  Austin, Texas

As our 43nd annual meeting, the 2021 APPAM Fall Research Conference will be a multi-disciplinary research conference attracting the highest quality research on a wide variety of important current and emerging policy and management issues. The conference is comprised of super sessions, panels, roundtables, poster presentations, and special events and is designed to encourage substantive interaction among participants. More Details

If our current courses don't meet your needs please fill out this quick survey so we can help you become the P2 practitioner your community needs.

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