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IAP2 January Newsletter - 2017

Happy New Year to all! It’s a pleasure to tell you that IAP2 USA is starting the year on a very positive note. Membership smashed through the 900 mark in 2016, ending the year at 906 – an 18% gain from the prior year – on top of the 40% increase from 2015 to 2016! Congratulations on all your efforts to attract more interest and let people know about the benefits of meaningful, professional public engagement!

In this issue, you’ll find:

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2017 IAP2 USA Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the 2017 IAP2 USA Board of Directors! “Welcome aboard!” to those who are new, “welcome back!” to those who are returning, and a big “thank you!” to those who served on our Board of Directors in 2016, and we look forward to the continuing involvement of retiring board members MJ Bull, Anne Carroll, and Francesca Patricolo. 

New faces, new ideas, and new directions are in store, this year, and we are excited to see what 2017 will bring. Click here to learn more about our 2017 Board Members.

Theresa Gunn
Congratulations Theresa Gunn, IAP2 USA's newest Master Certified Public Participation Professional - MCP3!

Theresa has been with IAP2 since 1994 and has worn many hats. She has contributed in many ways within IAP2 and has been essential in molding IAP2 USA into the organization it is today. We are grateful for her continuing support and admire how she embodies the IAP2 Core Values.

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3 Reasons to B an IAP2 USA Mentor/Mentee!

Are you looking to spice up your professional life, or are you searching for a new way to bring people into your professional network? Add a fresh set of eyes while investing in and cultivating new relationships. Become part of the IAP2 Mentorship Program!

3 Reasons to B an IAP2 USA Mentor | 3 Reasons to B an IAP2 USA Mentee

Member Spotlight: Chris Hartye

Chris Hartye
Chris Hartye was formally introduced to IAP2 in 2008 shortly after joining the City of Hillsboro and being asked to update the Hillsboro 2020 Vision & Action Plan. Adopted in 2000, the 2020 plan was a 2002 IAP2 Core Values Award winner. The City of Hillsboro has most recently been recognized as the 2016 Organization of the Year Core Values Award winner for North America, due in large part to development of the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan, which renewed the vision and action plan that guides the city. Hillsboro is a full service city with a population of 99,000.

P2 = Empower Human Capacity
“Face to face allows for more robust conversation, and the opportunity to discover not only people’s passions, but their talents, resources and the skills they bring to the table. It’s often through P2 that we recruit our volunteers; you wouldn’t know or discover these talents if you weren’t out there doing P2. It helps you discover the human capacity in your city. And then to try to empower that as best you can – find opportunities to involve folks in what they’re good at; what they’re skilled at.”

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IAP2 USA Skills Symposium

There’s no time to lose! 

With the events of the past year, the term “sea change” has never been more applicable for our society – and for our profession. That makes the Second Annual IAP2 USA Skills Symposium all the more important: it’s an opportunity to learn to ride the waves of new ideas and techniques. It’s five intensive days of P2 learning and sharing that can help you refresh your skills and your mind!

But time and tide wait for no one. You can register now (click on the individual classes) and pay later (up to the start of the symposium). 

Hotel Alert! ...Make your reservation today!
We have received word the Bahia is sold out on Wednesday night. Click here to make your hotel reservation or call to ask the reservations desk for the “IAP2 Conference Block" to take advantage of the special rate ($139/night). Contact Jennifer at info@iap2usa.org if you have difficulties making a reservation.

Equitable Public Involvement

A reflection on the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference from a U.S. conference scholarship recipient

Aaron GoodmanAaron Goodman, Community Engagement Manager at Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD)

We’ve all been there: the dreaded community meeting that features more argument than dialogue, leaving residents feeling unheard and disempowered, while meeting organizers wonder why they are getting beat up by angry neighbors.

This circumstance is linked to the fact that all too often, public meetings and hearings are looked at as the beginning and end of public engagement around policy and development decisions that affect local communities. When engagement is treated as an add-on to the “real” decision making or something that is done only to minimally satisfy legal or community requirements it leads to decisions, plans, and developments that likely don’t reflect the input of the whole community.

Such decisions can actually end up being more costly in time, money, and energy as lack of meaningful community by-in and engagement at the front end of a process results in anger and organized opposition at the back end. So, if we know what an insufficient engagement process looks like, what exactly is good community engagement and how do you know you are doing it in an equitable manner?

Who Cares About Public Participation?

This question was on my mind as I attended the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) 2016 North American Conference which took place in Montreal this past September.

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Webinar Rewind – Participatory Budgeting 
(the IAP2 January Webinar)

(Click to enlarge)

Looks a lot like the P2 Spectrum, doesn’t it? 

In the January IAP2 Learning webinar, we heard how Participatory Budgeting (PB) lays claim to the topmost rung on that ladder. Shari Davis, Director of Strategic Initiatives with the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP), described how PB gives people – especially those who are often cut out of the democratic process – an opportunity to be fully involved with decisions on how to spend public money.

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Webinar on Deck – February 14 – MONTREAL ENCORE – “Making Engagement Meaningful with P2 Toolkits” (the IAP2 February Webinar)

2pm Eastern | 11am Pacific

In February, we are excited to present one of the sessions from the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference, looking at ways of creating tangible resources that spark interest in civic involvement and empower participants. 

One of these toolkits was created for a rural mobility project, another to enhance the outreach capacity of city staff, and a third focused on making participation inclusive. Having people involved in creating these toolkits can make them more invested in the process and the process becomes as meaningful as the outcome. 

Join us on Tuesday, February 14 at 2pm Eastern | 11am Pacific.

Register today!

As always, IAP2 Learning Webinars are free for members and only $50 for non-members.


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IAP2 Training Sessions on the Public Calendar

Click through the event listings on the IAP2 USA Calendar for more information and to register. (Learn more about the courses; Foundations brochure.)

  • Arlington, VA & Seattle, WA – IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation - Planning & Techniques - Monday - Friday, February 6 - 10, 2017
  • San Diego, CA – 2017 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium! - February 27 - March 3
  • Austin, TX – IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation - Planning & Techniques - Monday - Friday, March 27 - 31, 2017 
  • Oakland, CA – IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation - Planning & Techniques - Monday - Friday, April 24-28, 2017
  • Denver, CO - IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation - Planning & Techniques - Monday - Friday, June 5-9, 2017
  • Phoenix, AZ - Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation, July 27-28, 2017
Check the IAP2 USA Calendar of Events for information on how to register.

Upcoming Events

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IAP2 August Learning Webinar: Montreal Encore: “Are We Smarter Together?” + “Understanding the Squishy Stuff”
Weds-Fri, Sept 6-8 2017 North American Conference - Denver, Colorado

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