From the Executive Manager's Desk: 

November Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

In November we take time out to acknowledge those things for which we

are grateful. Our IAP2 USA board, volunteers, chapter leaders, members

and trainers are high on my list. You are the leaders and future of IAP2 and

public participation. The IAP2 Board of Directors guided us through an

unprecedented time, committee members did the hard work creating new

paths and countless members took time to provide input as we continued

our journey through the harmonization process. While our trainers were

busy moving all their courses online, a great many of them stepped up
to help review and contribute to the update of our foundations courses.

You have made this progress possible. Thank you for your time and leadership.

Our association will continue to see many changes throughout the next year including a number of new professional development opportunities. Watch for lunch and learns – 90 minute short courses to provide a quick training session, new trainers, and new courses many with a DEI focus as well as more online resources. Check out this Crisis Management course.

Also please keep in mind that while our premier IAP2 USA Certification program is on a temporary hiatus as we traverse COVID-19 and work through the harmonization process, a fine-tuned program will be back in 2022. You’ll have a chance to apply your successes and enhance your credentials as a P2 professional.

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