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July 2021 Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

Premier Professional Development for Public Participation Professionals

This year’s IAP2 North American Conference keynotes will be among the most informative and valuable plenaries the conference has offered. Writer, poet, educator and interdisciplinary artist Anastacia-Rene√© will offer a thought-provoking talk about the role of public participation in engaging BIPOC and marginalized communities. Dr. Crystal Hall unpacks the social science behind decision-making and policy and Rahmin Sarabi and Lauren Higgens will look at the intersections of deliberative democracy, participatory democracy, and organizing across unlikely allies for the greater good. You don’t want to miss these engaging experts.

With dozens of sessions across a wide range of topics the 2021 NAC is an ideal venue for open dialogue and idea exchange with a large community of public participation professionals across North America. Chapters and Professional Certification will both provide sessions so you can explore those avenues.  If you are unable to attend all the sessions, they will be recorded and available for some time after the event. 

You can see the full agenda here. For more information on the North American Virtual Conference September 13-16 visit the conference site

Encourage and support your staff to attend NAC. If you are an employer your goal should be to create a workplace environment that encourages continual learning. Job satisfaction rises when employees are confident in their ability to do their jobs well. The best of the available job applicants will want to work for a company that provides for their professional education. While money and other benefits are certainly important, they form only part of the picture.

Many of the most ambitious and talented employees want to work for an organization that will offer them training opportunities and career advancements that they cannot get elsewhere. If you want to hire employees who will stick around longer, develop a good training program. 

Visit our events calendar for more training opportunities. 

Gail Madziar

Executive Manager


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