From the Executive Manager's Desk: Why IAP2 USA Membership?

October 2021 Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

Why IAP2 USA Membership?

If you have a hobby, a career choice or even an interest, there is an association for you. You can join anything from the Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society to the National Funeral Directors Association to the Toy Industry Association. And then there are organizations catering to two of my favorite treats, the American Wine Society and the Fine Chocolate Industry Association. I personally belong to the American Society for Association Executives which is an association for association people. The IRS sums it up this way: “In general, an association is a group of persons banded together for a specific purpose.”

I am a career association professional and have worked for Chiropractors, Realtors, Construction contractors, Bankers, Librarians and now Public Participation professionals. Like many folks, I didn’t know IAP2 existed until I had the good fortune to run across a job posting for Executive Manager. Once I started researching the organization, I realized I had stumbled upon a group that was a perfect fit for both my values and experience. 

I truly believe in the importance and necessity for public participation in any process that affects a person’s ability to work, play or live contentedly. I also believe associations today are vital to society and to maintaining our quality of life. No matter what the type of association, they offer valuable benefits to their members. 

IAP2 provides networking, personal and professional development, leadership opportunities, a sense of community, a code of ethics, advocacy, and of course a community of professionals with a first-rate knowledge of the P2 profession. Through our members, IAP2 USA fulfills its mission to lead, advance and advocate for best practices in public participation. IAP2 USA offers conferences, trainings, professional certification, and access to a community of more than 3,000 members across 48 states. This access to community is the most important benefit any association can provide. Whether it’s through the annual conference, committee volunteering, a local chapter meeting or even a virtual event, nothing replaces personal interaction with other smart people. IAP2 can connect you to future employees, future employers, future customers, or even future suppliers. 

This is where I am calling on you as someone who has an interest in making sure the public has a voice in what happens around them. By joining your IAP2 USA and encouraging others to join, you are strengthening your organization and helping them to provide important resources to our communities and members.

A sense of community coordination is at the heart of the association profession. People voluntarily join associations because they want to work together on a common cause or interest. This is the essence of P2. If you aren’t yet a member consider joining today. If you are a member encourage a colleague or coworker to join. Membership Information.

Contact me at gail@iap2usa if you have any questions about the organization. 

Gail Madziar

Executive Manager


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