IAP2 USA November/December 2022 Newsletter

From the Executive Manager - Erin Zimmermann


How is it December already? Time really is a funny thing. It’s so steady and yet, doesn’t always feel that way. This year in particular, there’s a sense of squeezing all the last minutes in, while time will continue at its steady pace. 

As we close out the year and look toward 2023, IAP2 USA is focusing on making space for listening. Thank you to those who took time to answer our recent membership poll. The thoughtful insights on the P2 outlook for 2023 is invaluable. 

It’s clear that the economy, politics, and the pandemic have impacted P2 and practitioners. More than ever, effective P2 training will need to focus on the evolving challenges of engaging communities. 

Five consistent, current themes within the practice we hear are:

  • Reaching underserved communities and vulnerable groups with limited available resources. 

  • Meeting all the needs of clients, especially around equity and inclusion

  • Capacity – Internal Resources - Funding

  • Politics and its impact on P2

  • Public Trust and Community Fatigue

We will share these comments with the training and professional development committee and staff will make efforts to ensure our course offerings and programming address these critical needs. 

Additionally, we will be sending out a more comprehensive membership survey in coming weeks, so please look for that in your inboxes. Thank you for continuing to advance p2 in your community and across our country.

Erin Zimmermann, 

Executive Manager


IAP2 USA Board of Directors Elections Close Today

Help set the Direction for IAP2 USA

Elections close December 6, 2022. Help select the leadership for your expanding organization by voting for the new 2023 - 2025 directors.

You should have received an email on November 21 with instructions for voting. If you did not receive your ballot or have questions, please contact info@iap2usa.org. 

We have an outstanding slate of candidates this year. Visit the IAP2 website prior to the election to review their qualifications.

Please vote! Your participation makes our organization stronger.

Join the Team! 

IAP2 USA is looking for a Training and Professional Development Coordinator and Conference Event Planner. Learn more and find more career opportunities here:


IAP2 USA DEI Committee Update

Have you been wondering what IAP2 USA has been doing to support diversity, equity and inclusion in our practice? In June 2021 the IAP2 USA Board of Directors took action to approve a Commitment to Equity. Since then, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has been making strides to advance this commitment. These actions include:

    • Submitted a response to the federal Office of Management and Budget on Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through Government; 
    • Submitted input to the Census Bureau on best practices for public engagement that promote equitable and inclusive participation; 
    • Successfully incorporated IAP2 resources and methodologies into the U.S. Department of Transportation official guidance to funding recipients for meaningful public involvement;
    • Created a video on IAP2 USA’s Commitment to Equity available to trainers and chapters;
    • Developed a Religious and Cultural Observances Guide available to on the IAP2 USA website;
    • Participated in review of IAP2 USA member survey questions and Debra Duerr Scholarship recipient applications to apply a DEI perspective; 
    • Presented sessions on equity in public participation at conferences for the American Planning Association, International City/County Managers Association and IAP2 North America;
    • Provided DEI-focused feedback on materials for the updated licensed curriculum to be rolled out in 2023.

In the coming year, the DEI Committee will continue to support IAP2 USA’s strategic plan by developing and applying an equity lens tool to programs such as trainer certification, supporting practitioners with more robust resources on the IAP2 USA website, and continually assessing and offering guidance on ways to diversify board leadership, membership and trainers.

We invite all members to join us on this journey of learning, discovery and deeper operationalization of diversity, equity and inclusion in our practice. Please consider volunteering for the DEI Committee, or submitting your thoughts to info@iap2usa.org.

2023 IAP2 USA Training Request for Proposals

“Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is the key to unlocking that power.”Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu

Knowledge might be power, but it’s much more powerful when it’s shared. IAP2 USA is looking for individuals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with others in the field. 

When you find something that works and has worked better than anything else before, sharing it with your colleagues can help them not only build a better P2 practice, but it builds a better community for us all. Success takes tenacity, skill, experience, wisdom, and compassion. You have a chance to equip P2 practitioners with tools they need to achieve that success. Share your knowledge with them by becoming an IAP2 USA trainer. 

Are you a trainer? Are you interested in becoming an IAP2 USA trainer?

IAP2 USA is building its online training calendar and is currently accepting proposals for third party training. We have been fortunate to partner with exceptional trainers who share their skills and knowledge of public participation in meaningful ways. Consider joining us to help advance good public participation by enriching professional development and enhancing best practices.

To learn more about submitting a proposal, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Submit your proposal by December 9th

Year End Giving - Make a Difference

This time of year is perfect for reflection, deep breaths, and above all gratitude. Even when days feel long and the work is hard, we are reminded of all of you who are living IAP2 USA’s mission each day. We thank you. 

Thank you for connecting with others, for having hard conversations, for helping make our world a little better with one good public participation process at a time. Our network is creating success out of challenges and taking steps to realize our vision.

We envision a country where public participation is deeply embedded and widely applied, and where equitable, efficient, and informed decision-making processes improve the quality of our democracy.

As we help people make good decisions together, we ask that you consider making a year-end donation.

Your gift will help us leverage capacity to focus on diversity equity and inclusion; and strengthen our training and scholarship programs. Thank you for your support!

Donate today!

Become a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) 

Certification as a Public Participation professional acknowledges your adherence to a strict set of standards recognized around the world for delivering quality, meaningful public participation. It is the premier credential for public participation professionals. 

An Assessment Center is now scheduled for April 28 & 29, 2023 with an application deadline of January 6. 2023.

To join a select number of colleagues a three-step process is used to assess candidates’ knowledge and skills:

  • Step One – Submit your Application and Professional Portfolio to to info@iap2usa.org.
  • Step Two – Preparation and submission of a Public Participation Plan in response to a case study

  • Step Three – Preparation for and participation in an Assessment Center.

Prepare your CP3 application form and email to info@iap2usa.org

Apply by January 6

Stakeholder Mapping: Identifying and Analyzing Underrepresented Stakeholders

Trainer: Anne Carroll

January 26, 2023

11:00 am - 3:30 pm Eastern

This course introduces a powerful, transparent process to identify and analyze key stakeholders for any engagement project – a critical step in an ethical and equity-centered engagement design. After understanding the theory and purpose, participants use short cases to practice stakeholder mapping. They learn how to identify and analyze the full spectrum of stakeholders, with special emphasis on underrepresented stakeholders who need additional outreach/support to ensure inclusive engagement. For each case, the group learns how to “clean” and finalize the map, and then discusses implementation challenges and how to overcome them.

Learning outcomes:

  • Challenge: Design and implement equity-centered engagement processes for increasingly diverse communities 
  • Critical to success: Robust and comprehensive stakeholder identification and analysis (“stakeholder mapping”)
  • Course combines theory, practice, instructions, templates
  • Participants leave ready to conduct thorough, defensible stakeholder mapping that identifies underrepresented stakeholders, and use the results to plan and successfully implement inclusive engagement 

    Participants receive:

    • Detailed stakeholder mapping instructions 
    • Stakeholder mapping templates and examples 
    • Complete course content and notetaking document

            Upcoming Webinars:  Free for Members 

            IAP2 Cascade Chapter Global Stage Forum Know Yourself to Know Your Work: Understanding an Equity Commitment at Work

            December 12, 2022

            As modern public involvement professionals, we all have a role to play ensuring equity is embedded into our public processes. How does your personal journey with equity influence your public involvement commitments at work? 

            Join us Monday, December 12 at 4:30 p.m. PST in conversation with international public involvement professionals Dr. Kasthuri Henry and Mary Vaz, as we explore how our internal commitments to equity impact our professional commitments to the public.  


            December Learning Webinar 2022 IAP2 Core Values Awards Highlights

            December 13, 2022

            Learn from the best! This month's webinar brings together projects and organizations from the 2022 IAP2 Core Values Awards!

            Stay tuned for more details. 


            January Learning Webinar Crossing the Divide in Times of Polarization

            January 17, 2023

            We live in turbulent and polarized times and building trust and creating space for constructive conversations can seem like an impossible challenge. Thinking that the way out of the mess we are in is more of what got us here, we need to re-imagine the way we interact, connect with communities and create space for the conversations that matter most. Sharing stories of challenge, heartache and humour, we will cover:

            • What is happening in the public arena

            • What it takes to make change in the systems, structures and ways of interacting that are no longer serving us

            • What you can do to create deeper understanding, build trust and relationships and increase connection so your results and outcomes improve

            • How to increase your capacity to lead brave, honest conversations


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