From IAP2 USA's New Executive Manager- Erin Zimmermann

Greetings IAP2 Community!

I am thrilled to step into the Executive Manager role at IAP2 USA, following a very thoughtful and supportive transition process. My heart is filled with gratitude for the dynamic partnership and leadership of Gail Madziar, who will continue to support some special projects.

Having served as the Strategic Development Manager for IAP2 USA for the last two and a half years, I have had the honor of experiencing this incredible network that leads, advances, and advocates for best practices in public participation.  

Prior to joining IAP2 USA I spent over a decade in nonprofit management; including serving as the Community Impact Director for United Way of Larimer County, and participating in United Way’s Global Fellowship program. I thrive in complexity and have extensive experience in strategic planning, board development, volunteer engagement, and community building. When I am not immersed in community change efforts, I am dreaming of a new travel adventure and getting outside with my husband and two children, who keep me grounded and hopeful.

I won’t get everything right, but I am committed to continued learning, ongoing listening, and collaboration. Please know that my virtual door is always open, so please reach out at any time.

There is so much energy in every corner of this organization. We have a tremendous Board of Directors who is focusing in on governance and strategy. We have a dedicated staffing team who is committed to strengthening daily operations. We have passionate volunteers and chapters who are advancing critical priorities and projects to support our shared mission. And above all, we have all of youthe most inspiring members who are connected and delivering good public participation in communities across our country.  I am thrilled to work together to see what we can accomplish this year and beyond!


Erin Zimmermann, (she, her)

Executive Manager


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