Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

to Compile DEI Resources

IAP2 USA’s DEI committee has been busy the last several

months building a committee charter and digging into projects.

The committee’s charge is to work with the board and staff in

pursuit of IAP2-USA’s mission to lead, advance, and advocate

for the best practices in public participation the organization

also supports the fair and meaningful involvement of all people

regardless of race, sexual identity, orientation, color, national origin, ability, primary language or income, as it pertains to decision-making processes. 

This includes maintaining transparent and open two-way communication – and encouraging feedback about the work of the committee – with the IAP2-USA community.  

One project in the works is collecting relevant DEI resources related Public Participation to share with our membership. If you have some recommended articles, videos, books or podcasts, please consider sharing these with us. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resource Submissions

Interested in learning more about the DEI Committee? Reach out to Erin Zimmermann, erin@iap2usa.org 

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