From The Executive Manager's Desk : Gail Madziar

COVID-19 has canceled our plans, eliminated events

and changed many of our priorities both personally and

professionally.  Something that hasn’t changed is the

need for quality public participation in every facet of our

civic and public life and our members’ passion for

providing that P2. Our core values guide us to create fair,

just and sustainable decisions together. We have an

important role in our society and that role has never

been more essential than now. We know the impact our

members make and even as we adjust to living with the

pandemic we want to help be your guide into the post pandemic world. 

Well before the pandemic hit, the IAP2 organization began working to update its foundational curriculum. These enhanced courses will be available soon. While the educational program will continue to acknowledge, reinforce and embed the guiding principles that are the IAP2 Core Values, Code of Ethics and Spectrum, the new framework will offer a global learning pathway for emerging to advanced engagement and P2 professionals. It will help guide them through their professional development journey. The changes also strengthen the equity, diversity and cultural involvement throughout the curriculum. As a global community this harmonization will better connect us with our colleagues’ work around the world. 

We are excited to start sharing this new curriculum in the coming months. We also look forward to expanding on line training offerings and are already looking ahead to what might be our first in person event, the North American Conference in Seattle in September 2021. 

It has never been more important that we work together to create positive outcomes and we are here to help you develop new skills and ideas to identify and embrace the endless possibilities.

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