Leah Jaramillo, CP3 - Salt Lake City, UT

Somers-Jaramillo + AssociatesLeah Jaramillo is the Vice President and Senior Project Manager. Leah oversees all client relationships and business strategy. She is experienced at working with city and state agencies, private firms, non-profits and construction contractors to anticipate or resolve issues at all phases of a project. She is the firm’s fearless leader, effectively quarterbacking cross-functional input to deliver full spectrum strategies tailored to meet the needs of each project and client. Leah is known for her dedication to finding resolutions that work for all involved parties. She is a master strategic planner, highly skilled in stakeholder research and identification, an expert in tactical communication and issue resolution as well as a trainer and a facilitator.

Leah is Vice President and Senior Project Manager at Somers-Jaramillo + Associates

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