From the President: Gwen Howard

Dear IAP2 members,


 Tomorrow.  We sometimes wonder what it will bring.  And yet, tomorrow

 is such a hopeful and anticipatory word.  


 Tomorrow will be a better day.  

 Tomorrow, I will finish things I've left undone. 

    Tomorrow, I will be a better leader.

    Tomorrow, I will be a better parent or friend.

    Tomorrow, I will be a better person.

With all that we've seen, heard and experienced in the last few weeks : 

challenge, chaos, anguish, frustration, demands, protests, riots, law enforcement, injustice,  ignorance, 

dissonance, confusion, sadness, anguish, strength, resilience, action, tomorrow should be hopeful. 

But most of those words hurt and make us feel helpless.  


But we are not.

  Tomorrow will be different

  Tomorrow should be different.  

    Tomorrow we will see change.

    Tomorrow we have to see change.  

And that's where you come in. Tomorrow you  can be the catalyst for the "the change we need to see in the

world".  It starts with you.  It starts with me.  It starts with us!


And at the end of this epic battle, I hope we can come together and be stronger.  Because together we can

make tomorrow so much better than today! 

In your service,


IAP2 USA President

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