2018 SKILLS SYMPOSIUM: Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation

  • March 01, 2018
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  • March 02, 2018
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  • Commons Learning Center, 10100 Burnet Road, Bldg 137, Austin, TX 78758
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Making better decisions in today’s world of conflicting viewpoints and rising outrage requires skills and knowledge. Dr. Sandman, a leader in communicating in high-outrage situations, and IAP2, a leader in involving people in decision making, combined their experience and knowledge in "Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation", formerly known as EOP2. 

Newly redesigned, this course will help you understand the human behavior and emotion of angry people and give you strategies to improve your public engagement in situations where outrage threatens decision processes, collaboration, and community. This course is highly interactive, using case studies, video clips, group discussion and applications.

Note: This course was formerly known as Emotion, Outrage & Public Participation.

Learning Objectives

Participants who complete the Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation course will be able to

  • Adjust meaningful and best practices for public participation in situations with outrage and high emotion
  • Apply the principles and concepts of both public participation and outrage management and understand how they can work together
  • Apply newly-learned outrage management behaviors
  • Use six strategies for addressing outrage, high emotion and opposition and plan for it in their public participation efforts
  • Understand the ethics of managing outrage in public participation efforts

Course Agenda

Day 1

Introduction: Course, Dr. Sandman, Trainer, Students. Student Expectations. Course Objectives.

Risk, Hazard, and Outrage. Their interesting interrelationship and what meaning it has for our work and communications

12 Factors that contribute to Outrage

Linking Outrage and Emotion Management to Public Participation. Is it ethical to “manage” people’s outrage?

Six Strategies for Reducing Outrage in Public Participation

  • Strategy 1: Stake out the Middle, NOT the Extreme
  • Strategy 2: Acknowledge Mistakes, Missteps and Unintended Consequences
  • Strategy 3: Acknowledge Current Problems
Day 2

Six Strategies for Reducing Outrage in Public Participation (cont.)

  • Strategy 4: Discuss Achievements with Humility. Give Away Credit
  • Strategy 5: Share Control and Be Accountable
  • Strategy 6: Pay Attention to Unvoiced Concerns and Underlying Motives

Motivations Triangle: Understanding Stakeholder Values, Needs and Motivations

  • Outrage, Self-Interest, Stakeholder Self-Esteem, Your Own Self-Esteem

Self-Awareness and Empathy

Barriers in Outrage Management and Public Participation

Final Exercise

Trainer: Mary Hamel

Mary Hamel has over 20 years as a full-time public participation manager, primarily in a state environmental and natural resources agency, designing and running P2 projects as well as providing training and mentoring for staff and management.
A respected and sought-after trainer, Mary has been a certified trainer and course developer for the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) since 2000, delivering training in 8 countries on 5 continents. She taught a university graduate seminar in public participation and as a member of IAP2’s faculty she has trained and mentored new IAP2 trainers. She co-developed IAP2’s course on outrage and emotion.


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