IAP2 Taster Series: "Why are these people yelling at me?" Understanding Outrage & Opposition

  • January 25, 2019
  • 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM (PST)
  • online


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Does this sound familiar?

Are your projects failing to move forward  because of public opposition? Are you faced with an angry public at meetings? Is decision-making stalled because of polarized viewpoints?

Continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result isn’t helping. It’s time to understand what is triggering the outrage and opposition so you can work with it, address it and find new ways of moving forward.


Outline of webinar

  • Welcome, intros and check-in

  • What can go wrong? What does engagement look like when it goes sideways?

  • What’s a different perspective to measure risk in public engagement?

  • What triggers the outrage?

  • What makes it better?

Learning Objectives

Participants will :

  • Understand a new way of thinking about the risks of outrage and opposition

  • Learn how to assess and evaluate the triggers of outrage

  • Brainstorm ways to address and mitigate outrage in their processes

Participant Materials

Web links / email materials:

  • Worksheet to evaluate and assess triggers for outrage in public engagement
  • Do’s and Don’t’s for outrage situations

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Stephani Roy McCallum is the Chief Storm Rider at the Courageous Leadership Project where she steps into the storm if high emotion and conflict, and helps people ride it out to clearer skies. Steph is a Leadership Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator and a seasoned engagement leader specializing in conflict, high emotion and controversy. She has facilitated conversations on 5 continents, engaging people in dialogue on controversial projects, working with individuals, organizations and communities to transform conflict and create momentum for positive change. Stephani believes that the world needs a new kind of leader who shows up, takes a stand and changes the world for the better. Steph believes that brave, honest conversations are how we solve the problems we face in our lives, organizations and communities – together.

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