Riding the Storm: Bravely Leading in times of polarization and disruption- Self Paced Learning: At your own pace, in your own time

  • April 22, 2021
  • December 31, 2023
  • Online - Self Paced Learning


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Introducing IAP2 USA's first online, self-paced training opportunity

This new self-paced course will build your skills and knowledge for bravely leading in times of polarization and conflict.

We live in times of rapid change, upheaval and global inter-connection. We are experiencing a growing divide and polarization between people, with an increasing dynamic of us versus them. We've seen a rise in public shame, blame and vitriol. We face enormous complex challenges like climate change, the global refugee crisis, systemic racism and inequity. We've been hit with a global pandemic which is causing rising fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

While all these things are in the space of the public arena where we interact with each other every day, we have a unique opportunity to choose how we want to lead these biggest challenges of our lives and choose how we want to work together with others.

It starts with you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is happening around you that you want to step in to?

  • How do you want to lead in ways that are different than you are leading now?

  • What would be different if you were better equipped to bravely lead challenging conversations?

  • What works and what doesn’t and what do you need to watch out for?

The course opens with an introductory video lecture on key concepts, with 4 more modules where you can work at your own pace to build competency in key areas of leadership in a world of complexity, polarization and disruption. The Modules cover: 

  • Bravely leading challenging conversations 

  • Holding space for high emotion 

  • Building trust in the public arena 

  • De-escalation tools for high stakes interactions

Priced lower than our other courses, this self-paced training allows you to learn when and where it works best for you. When you are done, you qualify for a free coaching session with Steph Roy McCallum, the course instructor, to deepen and apply your learning.

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Trainer: Stephani Roy McCallum

Stephani is Chief Storm Rider at the Courageous Leadership Project. She is a Leadership Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator, and a seasoned leader specializing in conflict, high emotion and controversy. She has worked internationally on controversial projects with individuals, organizations and communities to transform conflict and create momentum for positive change. Stephani believes that brave, honest conversations solve the problems in our world.

She has led and managed conversations involving more than 30,000 participants, and has worked on five continents facilitating complex topics like municipal budgets, school closures, land use, health care, transportation, nuclear waste, natural disaster, truth and reconciliation, environment and more.

Stephani has been the Project Lead on a number of international and national award winning projects, including a project which received the IAP2 International Core Values Award for finding common ground and a way forward for the blood donation policy for men who have had sex with other men for Canadian Blood Services, a highly divisive and polarizing issue.

She has been a licensed trainer of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Foundations in Public Participation since 2005, and was a lead developer of IAP2’s Strategies for Public Opposition and Outrage course. She was an IAP2 Assessor, coach and mentor for new candidate trainers for all of IAP2's training programs from 2011 to 2016, and continues to serve as an Assessor and Coach for new trainers of the Outrage program. She was the 2008 President of IAP2 International. Stephani has a background in Sociology and holds certificates in Co-active coaching, Courageous Leadership, Authentic Leadership, community development & alternative dispute resolution. She regularly speaks and presents internationally on how to lead powerfully in the face of challenges, creating new more possible futures for all of us, together.

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