IAP2 Midwest Chapter Pre-Conference Trainings

  • May 03, 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)
  • Eagan Community Center, 1501 Central Pkwy, Eagan, MN 5512


  • Add-on 4 hour training, held Wednesday morning at conference site: This training session is designed to help engagement practitioners facilitate inclusive thinking amongst their teams and colleagues. It is intended to raise awareness of the importance of actively engaging the diverse perspectives of project team members to support engagement planning. The workshop will cover a variety of topics including: - Understanding biases and its impact on engagement planning within project teams - Techniques for actively seeking out and considering diverse perspectives amongst project teams - Principles for inclusive thinking that promotes open dialogue amongst project team By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the importance of inclusive thinking and the need to actively seek out and consider diverse perspectives into their engagement planning work with project teams. Trainer: Maria deBruijn, Emerge Solutions, Inc.
  • Add-on 4 hour training, held Wednesday morning at conference site: This course introduces a powerful, transparent process to identify and analyze key stakeholders for any engagement project – a critical step in an ethical and equity-centered engagement design. After understanding the theory and purpose, participants use short cases to practice stakeholder mapping. They learn how to identify and analyze the full spectrum of stakeholders, with special emphasis on underrepresented stakeholders who need additional outreach/support to ensure inclusive engagement. For each case, the group learns how to “clean” and finalize the map, and then discusses implementation challenges and how to overcome them. Learning outcomes: Challenge: Design and implement equity-centered engagement processes for increasingly diverse communities Critical to success: Robust and comprehensive stakeholder identification and analysis (“stakeholder mapping”) Course combines theory, practice, instructions, templates Participants leave ready to conduct thorough, defensible stakeholder mapping that identifies underrepresented stakeholders, and use the results to plan and successfully implement inclusive engagement Trainer: Anne Carroll, Carroll, Franck & Associates

Planning to attend the IAP2 Midwest Chapter conference? Add on a 4 hour training Wednesday morning to maximize your learning!

The chapter is offering two optional trainings prior to the start of the conference, both from 8am - noon on Wednesday, May 3rd. The conference will begin that day at noon with a lunch. 

Space at each of these trainings is very limited. Register today!

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