Senior Dangerous Waste Rule Writer (regulatory Analyst 3)(In-Training)

August 01, 2022 12:19 PM | IAP2 USA (Administrator)

State of Washington

This position is open for recruitment statewide. Your duty station may be located in one of the following:

Keeping Washington Clean and Evergreen

Do you want to influence how we regulate dangerous waste in Washington state to help protect residents and the environment?
Are you detail oriented and comfortable working with complex documents? Do you enjoy distilling technical and regulatory information into interpretations and responses that are correct and easily understood?
Consider our Senior Dangerous Waste Rule Writer (Regulatory Analyst 3) position in the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction (HWTR) Program.
The HWTR Program strives to protect Washington’s residents and environment by reducing the use of toxic chemicals, regulating the generation and management of dangerous waste, preventing new contaminated sites, and cleaning up contamination.
This position is part of a diverse and innovative team that has a collaborative approach to our work. We strive to create rules, policies, statutory interpretations, and regulatory implementation, which are equivalent and consistent with regulation, enforceable, and implementable. The unit in which this position is located has a vision and mission of:
  • Providing excellent service to support the HWTR's waste reduction vision.
  • Maintaining and supporting the consistent development and application of the dangerous waste regulations across Washington State.
  • Providing consistent internal and external technical assistance to help ensure dangerous waste is managed properly.
This position directly influences the state’s Dangerous Waste Regulations. You would review new EPA hazardous waste regulations, state-legislated changes, and Ecology-proposed changes for adoption into Chapter 173-303 WAC. You would primarily be responsible for:
  • Chapter 173-303 WAC rule development and rulemaking.
  • Regulatory analysis and policy development.
  • Maintaining the EPA Authorization of the State Dangerous Waste Program, which includes the HWTR program, Nuclear Waste Program, and elements of the Solid Waste Management Program.

Changes to regulations must be equivalent, consistent, enforceable, and implementable. Rulemaking involves:

  • Regulatory document analysis.
  • Policy analysis.
  • Complex document writing.
  • Working with various subject matter experts, industry, Tribal Governments, and interested members of the public.

This position will also be involved with interpreting the State Dangerous Waste Regulations, providing technical assistance, and developing statewide guidance and possible training.

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