2024 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium

Not a fan of virtual training?

You're in luck!

IAP2 USA is thrilled to announce our first in-person Skills Symposium since 2020. 


        June 24-28, 2024


        MnDOT Shoreview Training and Conference Center

        1900 County Road I West

        Shoreview, MN 55126

        Venue hosted by Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Schedule at a Glance

All courses start at 8:30 AM and should be finished by 5:00 PM. Lunch and breaks are included in the price. All courses will take place at the Shoreview Training and Conference Center.

Mon, June 24 Tues, June 25 Wed, June 26 Thurs, June 27 Fri, June 28
IAP2's Fundamentals of P2 IAP2's Designing & Leading P2
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of P2)
IAP2's Applying Methods for P2
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of P2)

IAP2's Understanding Conflict in Public Participation
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of P2)
IAP2's Understanding People & Communities
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of P2)
IAP2's Working with Conflict & High Emotion
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of P2)
Dream Play Build: Hands-On and Sensory-Based Community Engagement for Meaningful and Equitable Plans, Spaces, and Places Designing for Diversity: Ethical, Equity-Centered Engagement Fostering Conversations that Generate Actionable Insights; Combining Modern Technology and Ancient Wisdoms
Don’t Say Woke: Communication Strategies in a Hostile Environment Socially Intelligent Facilitation for Equitable Participation    

        IAP2 Certificate Courses        
          IAP2 Elective Courses       
          Additional Courses       


Registration Tips

  • Fundamentals of Public participation is a prerequisite for the other orange courses and the blue courses. The grey courses have no prerequisite.
  • Sign up for each course separately. 
  • Only one course can be taken each day. 
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Why Should You Attend? 

Gain Knowledge & Skills

Engage in hands-on sessions to learn new techniques and tools that can enhance your P2 and engagement activities

Get Connected

Connect with professionals from a wide range of fields and backgrounds, fostering new collaborations and partnerships.


  • When does early bird registration open? Apr 15, 2024

  • When does early bird registration close? May 15, 2024

  • What time does this event start and end? All courses start at 8:30 AM and should be finished by 5:00 PM. All courses will take place at the Shoreview Training and Conference Center.

  • Are lunch and breaks included in the registration price? Lunch and breaks are included in the price. 

  • Can I register for more than one course? Yes, you can register for more than one course, but you will need to register for each course separately. Only one course can be taken each day.

  • Can I take any IAP2 USA Licensed Course in any order? No, Fundamentals of Public Participation is a prerequisite for the courses listed in orange and blue listed on the online schedule. The courses listed in gray have no prerequisite as those are not IAP2 Licensed Courses. Click here to view 2024 Skills Symposium Schedule at a Glance 

  • How do I get a discount code? If you qualify for a discount code at registration you will need to email training@iap2usa.org

  • Can I register another person, that isn’t myself from my organization? Yes, and if you need to register multiple people from your organization, you can do so 

  • What are the courses included in IAP2’s Global Certificate? Fundamentals of Public Participation, Designing & Leading Public Participation, and Applying Methods for Public Participation

  • What other Licensed Courses will IAP2 USA be offering at the 2024 Skills Symposium? IAP2 USA will be offering three new elective courses: Understanding Conflict in P2, Understanding People and Communities, Working with Conflict and High Emotion 

  • When will I receive a certificate of completion from the courses I take? IAP2 USA will send your certificate via email one week from the event end date. 

  • If I took the old Foundations course, do I need to retake Fundamentals? No, you do not need to retake Fundamentals. However, we recommend you watch the transition video prior to taking the next two courses; Designing and Leading and Applying Methods. Link to Transition Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz1nL4tzGwY

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Symposium Training Schedule:

    • June 24, 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (CDT)
    • MnDOT Training Center, 1900 County Road West, Shoreview, MN 55126
    • 8

    IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

    First course to be taken before Designing Public Participation and Applying Methods

    The Fundamentals of Public Participation (P2) course is a prerequisite to other courses in the Global Learning Pathway that sets out the underpinning models and frameworks of engagement practice as defined by the IAP2 community.

    The focus of this course is on understanding and applying the practices of meaningful and effective P2 and what participants need to know to do this well. The training explores best practices, and how to design and apply this knowledge to your P2.

    Course objectives

    By the end of this course participants will be able to:

    • Define P2 and related terms and what makes it unique
    • Identify what makes P2 meaningful, and reflect on the benefits, risks and myths related to P2
    • Identify the role that values play in P2 work, and the leadership attributes that will serve them in practice 
    • Reflect on and apply ethical leadership actions and abilities to P2 situations
    • Apply the Profiles of P2 model to P2, and explore organization- and community-led engagement and how that impacts the engagement process
    • Reflect on and apply the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, and explore the roles and impacts of power and influence
    • Apply the IAP2 Spectrum to P2 situations and practice
    • Explore the Practice Framework as a tool for effective planning and process, and assess the quality of the process

    Professional Certification/Credits

    Trainer: Justin Schneider and Cathy Smith 

    A person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidenceJustin has more than 20 years of experience working with communities in the United States and abroad, focusing on p2/engagement, community development, community-based research, and legal work. Justin began his connection with IAP2 in 2018 and now supports the Lonestar Chapter. Currently, Justin is based in Austin, Texas and works for the Austin Parks and Recreation Department as a community engagement consultant.

    Cathy’s work in the inter-related fields associated with climate change—land use, transportation, water, energy, health—brings depth of knowledge and understanding of current engagement needs. As a past community mediator and practicing writer and storyteller, her engagement insights span from conflict management to communications. She’s one of 15 Certified Public Participation Practitioners in the country, a graduate of USD’s School of Law, and IAP2USA’s Past President.
    • June 24, 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (CDT)
    • MnDOT Training and Conference Center, 1900 County Road West, Shoreview, MN 55126
    • 21

    Dream Play Build: Hands-on and sensory-based community engagement for meaningful and equitable plans, spaces, and places

    In this training, participants will learn about and actually experience methods of community engagement that involve using the hands and senses. The training will ground these particular methods in the psychology of working with the hands and senses, introduce the various methods trainers John Kamp and Rojas use in their work, and show how the methods can level the playing field an engage diverse and historically underserved audiences in planning, design, public health, and more. To reinforce what is learned, participants will be led through four interactive activities: two model-building activities, and two sensory-based walking activities.

    Learning Objectives: 

    Participants should leave the training with - A firm grounding in the psychology of working with your hands and senses - An understanding of the limitations of talk- and language-based forms of community engagement - An understanding of how working with the hands and senses fundamentally changes outcomes in community engagement processes - The knowledge, confidence, and skills to lead your own interactive model-building workshops - The knowledge, confidence, and skills to lead build your own pop-up model and lead your own pop-up events -A grounding in the psychology behind concepts of a sensing state and how this state influences creativity - An understanding of what contexts and settings the walking tour can be used in, and for what goals - The ability to see how the method could be woven in to their own work - The confidence to craft and lead their own sensory-based walking tours and site explorations - Inspiration for coming up with your own hands-on and sensory-based methods of engaging the diverse audiences you work with

      Professional Certification/Credits

      • This course is eligible for APA - AICP Continuing Education Credit 

      Trainers: James Rojas and John Kamp

      James Rojas is an urban planner, community activist, educator, and artist who runs the planning, model-building, and community-outreach practice Place It!. Through Place It!, he has developed an interdisciplinary, community-healing, visioning, and outreach process that uses storytelling, objects, art-production, and play to help improve the urban-planning outreach process. He is now an international expert in public engagement and has traveled around the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and South America, facilitating over 500 workshops, and building over 100 interactive models. His research has appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Places, and in numerous books. Relevant areas of expertise include using model-building as a means of community and planning outreach; working with underserved, disadvantaged communities and bringing overlooked voices to the planning discussion; making the physical form of cities relevant to broad audiences; and understanding how immigrants—especially Latino immigrants—see and understand urban and suburban space in the US and why they oftentimes reshape those forms in the ways that they do. He is the co-author of Dream Play Build: Hands-on Community Engagement for Enduring Space and Places, out now on Island Press.

      John Kamp is an urban and landscape designer, licensed landscape contractor (C-27 #307917), and facilitator who runs the landscape, design, and engagement practice Prairieform. Through Prairieform, he has developed innovative tools to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in urban and landscape design, transportation, walkability, climate change, and water conservation. Frequently collaborating with Rojas, and building off of his 15 years of experience in landscape and urban design/build, he is able to translate findings from Place It!'s community-engagement workshops and trainings into designs for inclusive and livable streets and neighborhoods that leave room for all residents to improvise and help create a more welcoming public realm. He is the co-author of the new book Dream Play Build: Hands-on Community Engagement for Enduring Space and Places, out now on Island Press. Building off of 15 years of experience in engaging diverse audiences through their hands and senses in planning and design, the book offers a look at how people of all ages and backgrounds can incorporate these methods into their own efforts to effect change in their neighborhoods and cities.

      • June 25, 2024
      • 8:30 AM (CDT)
      • June 26, 2024
      • 5:00 PM (CDT)
      • MnDOT Training and Conference Center, 1900 County Road West, Shoreview, MN 55126
      • 5

      IAP2's Designing & Leading Public Participation

      Designing & Leading Public Participation (P2) is a Level 2 course that introduces practitioners to the design and plan phases of the practice framework, providing them with the opportunity to develop P2 plans. This includes scoping, community mapping, determining purpose and objectives and levels of influence, choosing appropriate methods and managing resources, while considering the needs of diverse audiences. The course is suitable for practitioners who are leading the planning and implementation of P2 processes.

      **You must first complete Fundamentals of P2 before this course**

      Course objectives:

      1. For a real-world scenario, design an engagement process and plan that includes:

      • Develop a clear scope of the work, problem or opportunity with identified negotiables and non-negotiables
      • Conduct detailed stakeholder analysis, community mapping and equity analysis
      • Identify appropriate roles and levels of influence for key participants
      • Establish clear engagement purpose and objectives and success criteria/measures to suit scenario
      • Identify relevant profiles of engagement
      • Conduct a detailed risk/opportunities assessment
      • Identify key roles for senior leaders and decision makers

      2. Explore principles and approaches for equity, diversity and inclusion, and apply them to stakeholder analysis

      3. Embed digital strategies, platforms, tools and methods as part of the plan and process

      4. Develop an evaluation framework to suit the scenario

      5. Identify key roles and resources needed to implement the P2/engagement plan

      6. Develop and apply a suitable presentation to senior leaders that will secure commitment and resources for the P2/engagement plan

      7. Identify the many different contexts of engagement, including the elements present in more complex engagement scenarios

        Professional Certification/Credits

        Trainer: Justin Schneider and Doug Zenn