Claudia Bilotto, AICP, 2023 IAP2 USA Treasurer
Vice President, WSP USA, Atlanta, GA

Claudia Bilotto is a Vice President with WSP USA in Atlanta, Georgia where she currently serves as the Area Manager. Claudia received her BA in Telecommunications from Pennsylvania State University and her Masters in City and Regional Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has spent her career in transportation planning with a focus on public and stakeholder engagement. Her project experience includes the development of state and regional long-range plans, multi-modal countywide and corridor studies, roadway, rail, and transit feasibility studies, environmental documentation, and stakeholder and public participation strategy development and implementation for a variety of public sector clients including departments of transportation, transit agencies, and county and city governments. Claudia has served as Chair of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Standing Committee on Public Involvement in Transportation since 2013 and is excited to bring lessons learned from that experience to IAP2.

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