From the President: Gwen Howard

Dear IAP2 members,

IAP2 USA "pursuing the greater good-good decisions made together.” Has a nice ring to it doesn't it.

I've been thinking about our tagline lately. Especially the part “pursuing the greater good”.

Recently, I've been hearing the phrase "pursuing the greater good" used a lot not just from the IAP2 community but from our thought and political leaders as we deal with COVID 19 and its impact on businesses and the country. They've been using it more because as we think about social distancing, healing our country, and doing what's best for all people so we each can thrive, it has become the rallying cry for how we need to work together as a society, rather than individually, to get through this. My hope is that this is not a new discovery for many of our leaders.  

But for us, our mission is all about looking out for the interests of many rather than the one or few. It's how we've always approached our work with businesses and communities. I'm so proud of who we are as an organization and that we practiced this long before it became fashionable to do so. 

Think about it, almost every day we get to breathe and sleep our purpose. Please take a moment as we start to return to work and recharge the economy, to feel proud of the work you do knowing that you not only influence the lives of many but that you get to influence how we interact and pursue decisions in the future- with the greater good in mind. And we've only just begun. Thanks for being a part and for all do!

In your service,


IAP2 USA President

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