IAP2 USA March/April 2024 News

From the Executive Director  Erin Zimmermann


As spring blooms around us, I'm excited to share some updates and upcoming events from IAP2 USA. 

Strategic Plan Process Launch

The backbone of any successful organization lies in its strategic vision. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our strategic planning process. We are currently seeking a Strategic Plan Facilitator. Over the coming months, we'll be engaging with our members and stakeholders to gather insights, assess our current priorities, and define a roadmap that aligns with our mission and values. Your input and participation will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of IAP2 USA, so be sure to stay engaged and share your thoughts!

Welcoming Kaelyn Mooney

I'm delighted to extend a warm welcome to the newest addition to our team. Please join me in welcoming Kaelyn Mooney, our Training Coordinator. She will be working alongside Shyla Glavin to support our training and professional development programming. 

Return of Symposium

After a hiatus, I'm thrilled to announce the return of our in-person Skills Symposium, June 24-28, 2024 in Twin Cities, St. Paul, Minnesota. While virtual training is convenient there is something special about being able to participate in focused training in person. The Symposium is five days of learning, engaging and growing in your P2 practice, so you can deliver stronger, higher-quality P2. All the while, you’re surrounded by other P2 practitioners. 

As we forge ahead, I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support and dedication to advancing the practice of public participation. Together, we have the power to drive positive change and build stronger, more inclusive communities.

Wishing you all the best,

Erin Zimmermann, 

Executive Director


IAP2 USA 2024 Skills Symposium Registration Opens Next Week 

Not a fan of virtual training?

You're in luck!

IAP2 USA is thrilled to announce our first in-person Skills Symposium since 2020. 


        June 24-28, 2024


        Shoreview Training and Conference Center

        1900 County Road I West

        Shoreview, MN 55126

        Venue hosted by Minnesota Department of Transportation

IAP2's Licensed Courses have been scheduled, and additional training will be added soon. Registration will open next week, so keep an eye out for an email from us about it. 

More Details

IAP2 USA Welcomes New Staff - Kaelyn Mooney

We are pleased to announce that a new member has joined the IAP2 USA team. Please welcome our new Training Coordinator, Kaelyn Mooney

With more 7 years in the Meetings and Events Industry, Kaelyn provides positive and exceptional customer and logistical service to In-person and virtual educational events. Specializing in executing these Professional Development opportunities, Kaelyn also strives to evolve her skills while learning new ones. Coming from a background of Elementary Education at North Carolina A&T State, University Kaelyn shows a passion for learning and innovation while developing strong interpersonal and communicative skills.

IAP2 USA Strategic Plan Facilitator RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP): Project Manager and Facilitator Role for IAP2 Strategic Planning

The backbone of any successful organization lies in its strategic vision. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our strategic planning process. We are currently seeking a Strategic Plan Facilitator.

We welcome proposals from qualified individuals or firms to provide project management and facilitation services for the strategic planning process of IAP2 USA. 

USA is currently in the third year of its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and seeks a Strategic Planning Facilitator to manage the project and facilitate the process of updating the Goals and Strategies for our 2025-2027 plan. 

More Details

Chapter News

IAP2 USA Colorado Chapter Strategic Planning Session

Are you and your IAP2 chapter looking for ways to increase engagement among your members? Well, here's a great idea that our friends from the Colorado chapter are doing that you can replicate in your chapter.

Early in 2024, the Colorado chapter board felt a stronger need to connect with their current members and recruit new ones. They are hosting an in-person event in Glenwood Springs, an area that is attractive for many current members and more accessible to individuals outside the Denver-metro area. This is the first time the chapter has held a meeting in the mountains, reflecting that the chapter is statewide.

This hybrid event will be equal parts learning about IAP2 and the chapter and helping to chart the strategic direction. At the event, current members will have an opportunity to provide feedback on what they need more of from the chapter and then see, in immediate and real time, how this input shapes the planning.

The Colorado chapter is excited to see the active engagement that will flourish from this event.

Friday, April 26 ยท 9am - 5pm MDT

Glenwood Springs Community Center

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IAP2 USA 2024 Midwest Chapter Conference Registration Closes Today

Registration is STILL OPEN for the 2024 Midwest Chapter Conference

Join the Midwest Chapter April 17-19, 2024, in Omaha, NE to learn from and spark connections with colleagues from across the Midwest!

We have a schedule full of informative sessions, interesting panels, and engaging social events!

Registration is open through April 5th and includes:

  •  Wednesday lunch and evening social
  • Thursday breakfast, lunch, and end-of-day happy hour
  • Friday breakfast and lunch
  • Many conference sessions to choose from (stay tuned for a detailed schedule!)


 IAP2 Member - $225

 Non-Member - $250

 Student - $150

Register Today

More information

IAP2 2024 North American Conference Registration Open

๐Ÿ“… Date: October 24 - 26

๐Ÿ“ Location: Ottawa, Ontario

We hope you join us at the 2024 IAP2 North American Conference: "Building Together: The Role of Community Engagement in Shaping the Future"! Join us in Ottawa, Canada's vibrant capital, for the IAP2 North American Conference (NAC) 2024. This pivotal event takes place at the Shaw Centre in the heart of Ottawa. Hosted by IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA, this conference is a call to action for everyone who believes in the power of public participation (P2) to build stronger communities, especially at a time when democratic engagement is more crucial than ever.

Early Bird Registration for the 2024 IAP2 NAC

Register before July 1, 2024 for the 2024 IAP2 North American Conference in Ottawa and enjoy discounted rates!

Register on iap2canada.ca

IAP2 USA Core Values Awards 2024 Accepting Nominations

IAP2 USA wants to recognize your achievements with our Core Values Awards.

Each year, IAP2 Affiliates around the world celebrate excellence in the profession through the IAP2 Core Values Awards. The awards go to projects and organizations which best demonstrate IAP2's Core Values and help to raise the bar in the field of public engagement by sharing best practices and inspiring the P2 community to learn from one another. The Core Values Awards encourage new approaches and innovative uses of existing ones.

Share your inspiring projects. Show us you have created positive change, built trust, and engaged your local community in public participation. Core Value Awards applications are due May 15, 2024.

New Application Process for Project Entries

This year we have an exciting new application process for Core Values Awards Project entries. We are piloting a Case Study Format for General Project, Creativity and Innovation and the Respect for Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Awards. 

A Case Study Template is currently in use by IAP2 Australasia and IAP2 Canada in their Core Values Application process. Switching to this format provides a valued resource to IAP2 members in the form of viewable case studies, it aligns us with the other organizations, and it offers a more streamlined and inclusive application process. Get more information and apply by May 15. 

Apply by May 15

IAP2 USA's Professional Certification Become a Certified Public Participation Professional

The next Certification Assessment Center deadline is coming up. 

August 23 & 24 - Application & Fee Due May 3

December 6 & 7 - Application & Fee Due September 6

Here is an outline of the Certification Process, but the full details can be found here

***Prerequisite: Completion of all three IAP2 flagship courses and receipt of the IAP2 Global Certificate of Completion in Public Participation. ***

  • Step One – Submission of the CP3 Application, professional portfolio, and application fee by the appropriate deadline for your chosen assessment center. 
  • Step Two – After your application is reviewed and accepted you will need to complete a Public Participation Plan in response to a case study
  • Step Three – After your case study assignment is reviewed and accepted you will need to prepare for and participate in an Assessment Center. (This is a full two-day process and attendance is mandatory)
More Info

Scholarship Opportunities are available.

upcoming Webinars 

(Special Webinar) The IAP2 Spectrum - When Public Participation Became Real

Wednesday April, 10 2024

6:00 - 7:00 pm Eastern

5:00 - 6:00 pm Central

4:00 - 5:00 pm Mountain

3:00 - 4:00 pm Pacific

This session comes from a project that offers ‘podcast’ videos with some of the pioneers who helped create the best-known IAP2 building blocks. 

We will hear from the creators of the spectrum, Lewis Michaelson, Doug Sarno and Marty Rozelle, followed by a lively discussion with participants. The session will be facilitated by Margaret Harvie of Sydney, Australia, who with Lewis Michaelson created this project and the interviews.

Project Context: The IAP2 core values, code of ethics and spectrum are in so many policies and guidelines around the world. Over the years, many have come to the profession and some have wondered, where did it all come from? As part this project to date we have asked.

  • What was happening in our profession at the time that led to developing these tools?
  • Why and in what ways do these tools still resonate today?

We have titled the project “when public engagement became real.” While there was much occurring in public participation that preceded IAP2 and the Spectrum, we believe the turning point for the field was IAP2’s role in codifying the principle that better decisions are made by involving the public in decision making – a radical idea at the time.

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    Artificial Intelligence: Its potential and ethics in the practice of public participation

    Thursday May 2, 2024

    1:00 - 2:15 pm Eastern

    12:00 - 1:15 pm Central

    11:00 am - 12:15 pm Mountain

    10:00 - 11:15 am Pacific

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are poised to have profound practical and ethical implications for the process of decision-making in democratic societies. However, public participation practitioners and the communities we work with are not powerless in the face of these rapid technological advancements. Equipped with a foundational understanding of the technology, a sound ethical framework rooted in the core values long promoted by IAP2, and actionable guidelines, policymakers, P2 practitioners, and AI developers can better support the responsible integration of AI in public participation processes.

    Join Dr. Pamela Robinson, professor at the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University, and Morgan Boyco, community engagement practitioner at Dillon Consulting and Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Waterloo, for a discussion of their recent research on the potentials and the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence in the practice of public participation.


      Training Calendar

      April 9 & 10  -  IAP2's Understanding Conflict in Public Participation

      Apr 11 & 12  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      Apr 16 - 19  -  IAP2's Designing & Leading Public Participation

      Apr 16 - 19  -  IAP2's Applying Methods in Public Participation

      Apr 23 & 24  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      Apr 24  -   Digital Discovery Series Webinar #3 - AI Essentials: Tools and Policies for a Changing P2 Environment

      May 1  -  Stakeholder "Mapping" -- Identifying and Analyzing Underrepresented Stakeholders

      May 1 & 2  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      May 7 - 10  -   IAP2's Applying Methods in Public Participation

      May 13 - 16  -  IAP2's Designing & Leading Public Participation

      May 15 & 16  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      May 20 - 23  -  IAP2's Designing & Leading Public Participation

      May 28 & 29  -  IAP2's Understanding Conflict in Public Participation

      May 29  -  Digital Discovery Series Webinar #4 - Inclusion and Digital Tools: Planning for Intersectionality in Online Engagement

      June 3 - 6   -  IAP2's Applying Methods in Public Participation

      June 4 & 5  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      June 12 - 21  -  IAP2's Applying Methods in Public Participation

      June 20 & 21  -  IAP2's Fundamentals of Public Participation

      June 24 - 28  -  2024 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium

      Jun 26  -  Digital Discovery Series Webinar #5 - Decoding Open-Ended Input: Analysis Tools

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